2014 Membership Drive

Our annual membership drive letter just went out! If you did not receive it, you can read a copy here:

October 2014

Dear Friends in Life,

As many of you may know, the Pro-Life Educational Foundation lost two dear board members and staunch supporters of the unborn, John Stanton and Deacon Steve Santoleri, in the last year.

John was a hero of the pro-life movement who worked tirelessly, for over 30 years, defending life in front of abortion facilities, lobbying our legislators, and always trying to educate people about the dignity and worth of every human life. With his considerable personal charm and through our billboards and other media campaigns, he reached many individuals; educating the public about how abortion hurts women, their children and families. His efforts saved countless precious babies and mothers.

Steve was truly a worker in God’s vineyard. For over 20 years there was no job at the Pro-Life Educational Foundation too big or too small for him to tackle with gusto. As the father of five, he believed whole-heartedly in the importance of our chastity and pro-life mission, and was an integral force in making our fundraising activities fruitful.

As I look back on the lives of these great mean, it makes me think about the history of our foundation and all it has done over the last 30 years to promote the beauty and sacredness of life. Several great missions have grown out of our leadership and support, allowing us to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Pro-Life Educational Foundation has raised $977,000 over just the last 10 years, thanks to your generous donations and support of our many fundraisers. That money has been distributed to organizations, both large and small that are working to change our culture by promoting a sexual morality that sees each person as God does; with dignity, respect and love, true self-giving love.

Generation Life has been the largest recipient of our funds, receiving $440,000 over the last 10 years! We are very proud of their mission; young people bringing the message of chastity to other young people. Tens of thousands of students and parents will hear this wonderful call to live a chaste life. A life that does not use others, respects their own dignity and prepares them to choose to live a life of true authentic love. Founded by the Pro-life Educational Foundation in 2000, we are committed to help share the counter cultural message of chastity and abstinence to as many young adults as possible.

The Bucks County Women’s Center has received $17,800 in the last 10 years. They do wonderful work with unwed mothers, nurturing and loving them through every step of their pregnancy and beyond. This group was also initially seeded with funds from the Pro-life Educational Foundation and we are committed to continue supporting its great mission.

Heroic Media is a recent recipient of $10,000 over the last two years. Using effective communication methods such as Google Ad Words, TV media and billboards, Heroic Media has been instrumental in driving callers to the 1-800 pregnancy hotline where women are direct to the pregnancy centers where they treated with the proper compassion and care needed to allow them to make informed life decisions.

These are just a few of our largest recipients; many organizations from high school pro-life clubs to pro-life media and billboard campaigns are financed through your donations.

There are many kinds of workers in God’s vineyard. Some are active, doing the day to day work, tilling the ground, and other just as important, are providing the seed and fertilizer. You, our faithful donors, are the generous providers of the seed and fertilizer. Without you we can do nothing! Every part of working in God’s vineyard is important, but we all must do some part, and that is why I am asking you to make a donation to help us again this year. Your funding is making a difference. Support our important mission and honor both John Stanton and Deacon Steve Santoleri by sending your generous donation today.

Gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated. A gift of $25, $50 or $100 will make you a partner in our life saving work. And if you can afford more – $250, $500, $1000 or an even more substantial amount – we would be especially grateful!

Our culture is in need of our prayers to provide the life giving water to our mission. Our collective prayers are the most powerful weapons in our efforts to do the Lord’s work. Please add us to your prayer list and we will keep you, our benefactors, in our prayers also. Thank you for your many years of support, we are very grateful for continued generosity.

Very Truly Yours,

David Santoleri

Vice President
Pro-Life Educational Foundation