2015 Membership Drive

Our annual membership drive letter just went out! If you did not receive it, you can read a copy here:

October 2015

Dear Friend in Life,

During this special period of grace following the Holy Father’s recent visit to Philadelphia, we are inspired by his message of love and mercy for the family of God.

In declaring this year, the Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis reminds us that Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy and the beating heart of the Gospel.

We at the Pro-Life Educational Foundation see this Mission of Mercy as being an integral part of our work to educate and evangelize others to live the Gospel of Life.

Mercy must first and foremost be extended to the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, the unborn, the elderly and the disabled.  This is why Pope Francis urges us to “Be witnesses and speakers of this ‘culture of life’.  Contribute to recognizing the transcendent dimension in human life, the imprint of the creative work of God, from the very first moment of conception. This is a commitment to the new evangelization that often requires going against the current, at a cost to the person. The Lord counts on you to spread the ‘Gospel of Life’.”

The Pro-Life Educational Foundation is most proud of our support of Generation Life.  Over the last year we have provided Generation Life $50,000 in grants for its operation. This group of young, faith filled pro-life leaders, spoke to over 12,000 high school and college students last year, bringing them the life-affirming message of chastity, while teaching them to be missionaries of life to their peers.  We have found this dynamic person-to-person evangelization is the most meaningful way to build a culture of life in the hearts of our teens. Through Chastity Days, community outreach at senior week, parish talks, and other activities we take our message to the teens, and help them to resist the temptations of our sex obsessed culture.

We are very happy to support the life giving work at the Legacy of Life Women’s Centers.  Every woman who enters this center is treated with love, respect and compassion and uplifted by the prayers of the staff.  Mercy and understanding are the hallmarks of their service to women in crisis pregnancies.

Heroic Media has also been a recipient of our support. Using effective communication methods such as Google, TV ads and billboards, Heroic Media has been instrumental in increasing calls to the 1-800 pregnancy hotline.  This hotline directs women to local pregnancy centers where they can receive the help they need to say yes to life.

These are just a few of our largest recipients; many organizations from high school pro-life clubs, to media and billboard campaigns are also financed through your donations.

Jesus is the face of Mercy and he is counting on all of us to be his hands.  Will you help us spread this life-giving message?

Most importantly we ask for your prayers. Please pray that we can communicate the Gospel of Life with compassion, love and honesty, and that we never fail to see the suffering person behind every sin.

To continue our life saving work, we need your financial support!  Your generous donation to the Pro-Life Educational Foundation will be used to protect and defend the dignity of all human life.

Gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated.   A gift of $25, $50 or $100 will make you a partner in our life saving work. And if you can afford more- $250, $500, $1000 or even more substantial amount –we would be especially grateful!

Thank you for your past and present donations.  We know we cannot accomplish anything without God’s grace and the support of our faithful donors.

David Santoleri
Vice President
Pro-Life Life Educational Foundation

“It is God who gives life. Let us respect and love human life, especially vulnerable life in a mother’s womb.” Pope Francis